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What 'Chu Talkin' Bout Willis?

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw that the Sporting News had picked Pitt to win the Big East and go to the Sugar Bowl this year.

From the Pittsburgh Panthers athletics site:

In its recently released annual college football yearbook, Sporting News has picked Pitt to win the Big East Conference and go BCS bowling in 2009.

"Dave Wannstedt has the personnel in place," writes Sporting News, which predicts the Panthers will earn a visit to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl.

I guess it's not that far fetched, considering the successful season last year. But personally, I just don't see it happening. With QB still unstable coupled with the losses of key guys like Shady, McKillop, and Lee, I think it could be an uphill battle.

Certainly, the defense should be pretty solid and if they utilize Baldwin a bit more, anything is possible. But a LOT of work needs to be done.