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Dixon to USC Officially Dead

Well, as if the Dixon to USC rumors weren't inherently foolish enough, those who said there was a chance he could leave can now officially stop clamoring for it to happen.

Former college and NBA coach Kevin O'Neill was officially hired as the Trojans' new head coach.

The number of reasons I didn't think Dixon would take the job is seemingly endless. The biggest factors being:

1. USC could likely be headed for major violations with the recruitment of O.J. Mayo
2. Dixon's taking the job would result in a large distraction of his USA under-19 team
3. The Dixon family has said they love Pittsburgh and he's been here for a while now

Further, USC just isn't that great of a job in my opinion. They have to compete with UCLA, not to mention, USC football. They haven't any continued success in a while and Pitt has a run of success nearly unrivaled over the past ten years (annoying 'can't get to the Final Four' thing notwithstanding). Plus, Pitt is starting to land the type of recruits to continue that run (i.e. Blair, Taylor, Epps).

To me, the number of jobs better than Pitt right now is getting smaller and smaller.

I will say this, however. I think it looks somewhat bad on Dixon's part to not come outright and say he's not interested in the job.