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Recruiting Woes

Pitt's recruiting woes continued in a big way when offensive linemen Miles Dieffenbach of Fox Chapel and Tom Ricketts of North Allegheny BOTH committed to Penn State.

For those who know, this was extremely disappointing because both had Pitt ties. Dieffenbach's father is a tennis coach at Pitt and Ricketts' played football here (his mother was also a swimmer). Both were considered top recruits.

Earlier this week, Smizik in his PG blog noted, correctly, that Wannstedt has to do a better job of protecting the Western PA area. Bob, also correctly points out that any criticism these kids are getting is unfair. They have to do what they feel is best for them.

That said, for Pitt to lose one of these guys is unexpected - to lose both is borderline inexcusable. 3-0 bowl losses can help prevent these types of things...not to sound bitter.

Wannstedt has, overall, done a solid job recruiting. However, positives such as nine-win seasons seem to be negated by things such as the Sun Bowl debacle. Wannstedt wants to be the guy to take Pitt to the next level, but you have to wonder if he's the guy who can do it. I've said it before and I'll say it again - he is a better recruiter and 'seller' of the university than he is a head coach (in my opinion).