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A Scary Opponent

True, I'm excited about Pitt's announcement of a home and home series with Utah. It will bring a unique opponent to Heinz Field.

Maybe it's just fact, I'm pretty sure it is as I've not seen this mentioned elsewhere. But what exactly does Pitt have to gain from this?

Utah has been a power, recently with two undefeated seasons. This is certainly a game Pitt can, and over the past couple of years, probably would lose. Not saying that's a terrible thing - heck, I'd love to see them play Florida or someone like that (and chances are, they probably would lose. But at least there would be something to gain. Imagine if they beat a top tier team like this. A win vs. Utah would be nice, but certainly not the greatest of feats.

Second, it's only a home and home. Utah has much more to gain from this than Pitt would. A win over Pitt would be a win over a BCS-conference team and likely would considerably help their BCS standing. It would have been nice (although possibly unrealistic) for Pitt to get a 2 for 1. I'm sure Utah, would have balked at that, but again, what does Pitt really have to gain by this other than putting more butts in the seats. Obviously, that's nice and the goal as stated over and over by the athletic department. But from the football side of this, Pitt doesn't have nearly as much to win as Utah does.

However -

Will I be there? Absolutely.