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Back to the QBs

Pat Bostick appears headed for a redshirt assuming Bill Stull can safely get through the season (which is a big assumption) according to Paul Zeise.

I really hope this happens. Sunseri has already redshirted, so there's no point in playing Bostick ahead of him unless the coaches are sincerely convinced that he's that much better. I'd really like to see Bostick keep two years of eligibility after this season. I'm not saying he's the answer, but I think a full year of development without having to worry about playing in a game could really help him.

Meanwhile the left guard spot is still up for grabs and Ray Graham has officially moved ahead of Chris Burns as the back-up running back.

Even with Lewis assuming the starting job, I've got to think Graham will still come away with about 30% of the carries early on.