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Battles to Keep an Eye on

One of the biggest question marks comes at running back. Not so much because the position appears to be in great trouble, but because of the wait to see who will grab the bull by the horns and secure the starting spot.

But Pitt running backs coach David Walker is not overly concerned about it, mostly because he has plenty of young and talented options to pick from.

"No concern at all," Walker said. "It is a work in progress, and half of the fun is to try and build it and see if some guys will rise up and take the job. Now, obviously, if we didn't feel the guys we have are capable, that's a different situation, but this group -- we are smart, we are tough and we're athletic -- so I am confident that whoever runs out there and gets the bulk of the carries will be ready to do a great job for us."

In fact, picking the best one might be the toughest part of the transition because they are similar in talent and all seemingly capable of getting the job done.

Dion Lewis to this point apparently has the starting spot, but it's a long way till the start of the season. While I'm glad that there are so many options available, that could possibly be a problem for Wannstedt. Remember, it took him a while to give Shady the job full time, even though he had effectively outplayed Larod Stephens-Howling...and even then, LSH still got a decent amount of carries. I really hope that if someone stands out, they'll land the job and not have to deal with a running back by committee.

Meanwhile, possibly the other biggest decision for Pitt will come at guard.

Either way, Pitt looks to be solid on the line.