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Camp Kikakee Continues

Pat Bostick says all the right things about potentially not being Pitt's starter this year:

"I'd like my role to be the starting quarterback," said Bostick, who has become one of the team leaders over the past two years. "But I still have a job to do every day even if I am not. I think some guys, if they are not the starter, they let their foot off the gas but that is not the case with me.

"Your opportunity can come at a moment's notice and it is one play. One moment's notice an injury happens and you are out there playing and you have to be ready. What really motivates me is that this university made an investment in me to do a job and I've got to do it."

There are an awful lot of injuries and Dan Mason makes headway to gain the starting spot at middle linebacker...I'd still have to see it to believe it.

Meanwhile, my worst fears continue to be confirmed, as the Big East inks a deal with the Champs Sports Bowl.

Oh, and there's a pretty important scrimmage in case you haven't heard.