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A Controvery Brewing?

Paul Zeise makes it clear that while he isn't ready to declare a QB controversy outright, he does believe that Stull has had some competition - and not from Bostick, who some believed might be able to challenge him:

Let's put it into golf terms, since, the PGA is currently going on and well, you know who is a virtual lock to win it.....

But say for instance, Bill Stull began camp with a big lead, say he was at -10 over Pat Bostick at -6 and Tino Sunseri at -4.

Well, so far through five holes on the final round, Stull is about three over par (or -7 for the event), Bostick is about one over (or -5) and Sunseri is about two under (or -6 and surging).....In other words, stay tuned to this one because the back nine is going to get very, very interesting.

Meanwhile, despite getting more work as of late, Wannstedt says that Bostick is still #2 on the depth chart - for now:

For the second day in a row, redshirt freshman Tino Sunseri took more reps than junior Pat Bostick with the second unit. Sunseri ended the red-zone drills with a pair of crisp touchdown passes. Wannstedt said nothing has changed on the depth chart. Sunseri and Bostick are backing up Stull, who had another rough day.

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest question is whether Wannstedt will let go of his 'comfort zone' in Stull and give he job to a fairly inexperienced starter of what could be a conference championships team.

Meanwhile, ESPN The Magazine talks about the QB issue and gives its Big East conference preview (Must be an insider to view article).