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Day Four Events

Day Four of Pitt brought a somewhat disturbing picture of the QB situation:

I had written after the first two days that the quarterbacks threw the ball well and they did. But I also cautioned they were throwing in 7 v 7's and without a pass rush. Well, yesterday the defense turned up the heat a little bit and it all came crumbling down.

Starter Bill Stull looked a lot like the player who ended last season and Tino Sunseri looked a lot like a second-year player. And Pat Bostick was the odd-man out yesterday as he barely participated in any of the team stuff as he and Sunseri will be alternating days to get the bulk of the work with the second team.

This key question remains for me - Is there any way Stull will not start the season as he Pitt QB. It seems more and more unlikely the closer we get to the first game. As mediocre (and sometimes downright bad) as he was last year, he seems to be the 'safe' choice - to Wannstedt at least. I think he figures the defense looks great and he really only needs someone to manage the games at this point. And who better to manage the games than an experienced Senior?

I'm not sure that's the way he should be thinking. In fact I'm pretty sure it's not. But nonetheless, that's where I believe he's at.