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Here's something we haven't heard in a while - Pitt short on Tight Ends? Well it's only temporary:

Pitt is suddenly short on tight ends, as redshirt freshman Mike Cruz was excused for a second consecutive day for what coach Dave Wannstedt called "personal reasons", and seniors Nate Byham (headache) and Dorin Dickerson (hamstring) were held out of Sunday's afternoon session.

This was a minor note in the Trib's camp review today, but it actually brings up an interesting question. Just how relevant will Pitt's tight ends be this year?

An outsider looking at the circumstances may say quite a bit. With a struggling QB and options such as Byham and Dickerson, Pitt could line up a lot of two TE sets. Sounds like the logical thing to do, but....well, never mind.

And speaking of Dickerson, you've got to wonder how he feels about his Pitt career. He's been moved more times than an Army brat and after so much hype, hasn't really had the chance to prove himself. Couple the handling of his situation with that of super-athletic (so we're told) Greg Cross, and you wonder if Pitt will struggle to land the type of super-athlete this team could desperately use. Not saying Pitt hasn't/won't land talented kids - they have every year since Wannstedt has been here. But when it comes to the Terrelle Pryors of the world, someone multi-dimensional, you've got to question whether Pitt can land someone like that with the way they've handled Dickerson and Cross.


I don't know if Cameron Saddler is the answer at returning kicks, but I sure as heck don't want to see Aaron Berry doing it.

Paul Zeise sees a trend developing, further damaging the little faith I have in Bill Stull, and also answers questions about the possible QB controversy.

Meanwhile, taking a break from camp, Brian Bennett tells us who Pitt's greatest villains are. Yes, one is the old guy.