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A Little Basketball

In the midst of all of the football talk, Pitt released it's non-conference basketball schedule today.

You can hit the link for the entire schedule, but a few highlights are:

- Still no Midnight Madness...I won't get on my soapbox about this. The annual FanFest will be Saturday, October 3rd at the Peterson Events Center.

- Game Vs. the Binghamton Kornheisers on November 17th will actually be on ESPN2.This is part of the O'Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic in Pittsburgh. Pitt will play Eastern Kentucky two days later. I think this is a bit different from before - if I'm not mistaken, Pitt played on back-to-back days.

- The tournament will then move to Kansas City for the Semifinals/Final/Consolation games. Pitt will match up against Iowa, Wichita State, or Texas. Wichita State in Missouri? Can you say trap game?

- The City Game Vs. Duquesne will be on December 2nd at Duquesne. The game will be on CBS.

- The Robert Morris game is the only one TBA.