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A New PG...THIS Season?

I have to say I'm a little surprised by this because it's happening so late, but nonetheless, Chris Dokish is blogging that Pitt may be adding a point guard for THIS SEASON:

Enter Chase Adams. The 5′10″ Baltimore native is very seriously considering joining the Pitt program. Adams has spent the last three seasons at Centenary College in Louisiana where last season he averaged 14.6 ppg, 4.2 rpg, and 4.5 apg, while making 39.8% of his three point shots and 70.3% of his free throws. He was also named Summit League Defensive Player of the Year thanks to his 83 steals. He has averaged 2.3 spg over his three year career.

Before you get to skeptical with the team already having Travon Woodall now and Isaiah Epps coming in next year, this looks like it would be a one-year deal. I have to admit that last year's 'short-term' addition of Jermaine Dixon was a good pickup. But I'm still a bit skeptical that Pitt would do this.

Woodall may be just as talented and has already been in the system a year. Yes, his numbers at the home of Robert Parish, but every bad team is always going to have someone put up good numbers (See Cedric Ceballos with the Lakers from 1993 - 1996).

The flip side is that he may be just the type of veteran we need on a young team.

Count me remarkably undecided.