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News and Notes

Things are really slowing down and people are starting to get into gear for the season. A few things today...

Brandon Lindsey moved to defensive end and contemplated a transfer to a D-1AA school:

Lindsey contemplated his future while watching classmate Greg Williams develop into a potential four-year starter at strong-side linebacker. During spring drills, Lindsey told Pitt coaches that he intended to transfer to Division I-AA Norfolk State. Instead, the Panthers promised a change and moved Lindsey to defensive end.

It was an instant success, as the 6-foot-2, 240-pound redshirt sophomore from Aliquippa proved to be a pass-rushing specialist who starred in the Blue-Gold Game with four solo tackles and two sacks. He has sacks in both scrimmages in training camp and has taken advantage of injuries to starter Jabaal Sheard and top backup Shayne Hale to take repetitions with the first-team defense in the past week.

Buried in this article is the fact that Tony Tucker is, in all likelihood, not returning. I wasn't aware it had come to that - I wish him the best.

Meanwhile, Wannstedt takes part in a Q&A. I found this particularly interesting:

Q: How has it been seeing them grow as student-athletes off of the field?

A: That's the most exciting thing about college football compared to the NFL. You're getting 18-year old kids and you're given an opportunity to help them make a difference on the field, off the field, really in all aspects of life. I'm so proud of last year's class. We had 14 seniors and 13 of them graduated. 10 of them are in NFL camps. That's exciting. It makes me feel proud that those kids are working hard and accomplishing their goals.

10 of 14 seniors in NFL camps? That sounds reasonably impressive - even if they won't all make the cut...which they almost assuredly won't.

Paul Zeise thinks Joe Thomas could be the ultimate utility-style player for Pitt.

Brian Bennett at ranks Pitt's running backs 7th out of 8th in the league, even though he says they will 'far outperform its current ranking on my list.' Not sure why exactly he won't rank them higher, then. He also later says that Ray Graham or Dion Lewis could win Freshman of the Year. My pick was Lewis, but I'm not so sure about that now.

Oh, and FanFest is tomorrow.