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Notes, Notes, and More Notes

Paul Zeise of the PG checks back in for the first time this football season and discusses the scheduling options of Michigan, Cal, and Utah.

As I stated before, I think Michigan would have been a much better 'get' for Pitt, but Utah is at least intriguing (not to mention downright scary).

The Trib has a few articles on possibly the two biggest key offensive pieces for Pitt: Jonathan Baldwin and Bill Stull.

I think it's a given that Baldwin is going to have to get more than 19 touches for Pitt to win the Big East, as predicted. The question is, can Stull get him the ball?

Brian Bennett of has Pitt headed to the Meineke Car Care Bowl and also notes that Aaron Berry is on the watch list for the Thorpe Award.

Dennis Dodd ranks Pitt as the 40th best team this decade - behind teams such as Iowa and Southern Miss.

Lastly, Pitt has some new gear - get a look at it here. Also, here are the new jerseys...someone doesn't like them.