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The Ray Graham Show

Even though Dion Lewis appears to be the starter going into the season, Paul Zeise makes the case for Ray Graham to get some carries. And why not after garnering over 150 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns:

Graham, a 5-foot-9, 185-pound freshman tailback from Elizabeth, N.J., put on a show by picking up 152 all-purpose yards and scoring two touchdowns in Pitt's second scrimmage of training camp Saturday.

"I'm real excited with what Graham did," Wannstedt said. "Now, will he know what to do? Will he hold onto the ball and do all the other things to trust him in a football game? That is still up for evaluation, but the statement he made today is: 'I have the ability to make guys miss.'

"He did some Shady moves out there today."

With Graham having that kind of day coupled with Dion Lewis' mediocre 30 yards on 10 carries, it really shows you just how important it was for Lewis to get a head start, coming in in the Spring. Not saying that Graham is better at this point - either has yet to even play in a real game yet. But I think Lewis' early arrival really helped him get the jump on the other freshmen. I'm expecting to see boh used pretty frequently this least early on.

He seems to be a home run hitter of sorts as he broke a long one in the first scrimmage, too.

Don't forget, this guy had a monster senior year in high school.