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Wanny, Wanny, Wanny

Dave Wannstedt addressed the media today after camp. Here are some of the things I think that are somewhat interesting:

- Dan Hutchins apparently kicked a 47-yarder at the end of practice. I don't care how many times these guys do it until they get in an actual game.

- Wannstedt said, "I’m glad we’re not playing Saturday; we’re not by any means ready to play a football game." I can't imagine this is a true statement. At least I hope it's not. Hopefully Wannstedt is aware there is a game less than ten days away and that the team is somewhat prepared.

- Aaron Berry will apparently have no part in returning kicks or punts...thank goodness.

- Read into this what you will, but it sounds like Ray Graham is more a #1A than a #2 to me.

- Now, every press conference has its money statement. This is clearly it in this one. On Bill Stull, Wannstedt said, "He has 13 starts under his belt, so he’s our starting quarterback." Now, I really hope he didn't mean that to come out the way it did. And, just so you don't think I'm guilty of taking one sentence out of context, I urge you to view the link and read the whole section on Stull. If you read it the way I do, you can see exactly what I've been saying - that Bill Stull is Wannstedt's security blanket to some degree. He feels comfortable with him and despite the fact that many observers at camp will say he was outplayed, he appears to still be the starter.