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Wrapping Up

Ray Fittipaldo of the PG confirms something I posted yesterday - that Coach Wannstedt didn't have the most logical of reasons for Bill Stull remaining the starter after a lackluster camp:

"I'm just trying to be about as honest about it as I can. He has 13 starts under his belt, so he's our starting quarterback. I feel good about the other guys and I feel good about Billy."

That's not exactly a ringing endorsement from the coach a week and a half before the season starts.

I'm not ready to throw Bill Stull under the bus and am more than willing to give him a chance. I just hope that if he struggles, someone else will get a look. Based on the number of reps that Sunseri got in camp, I think that he would get a shot.

Rod Rutherford is of course familiar with this situation:

As a mini-quarterback controversy swirls around Pitt, one Panthers staff member knows exactly what incumbent Bill Stull is going through.

Rod Rutherford, a first-year graduate assistant, heard the same type of clamoring in 2002 as a junior quarterback for the Panthers.

Just like this year, there were calls to bench the maligned upperclassman in favor of a gifted freshman with local ties.

Back then, it was true freshman Tyler Palko. These days, it is redshirt freshman Tino Sunseri, who attended the same high school as Dan Marino and excelled at training camp for the Big East-favorite Panthers.

"My advice to Billy would be just to continue to do the things that you can control," Rutherford said. "Let everybody else say or do whatever they want."

Things worked out pretty well for both Rod and Tyler.

With camp over, I'm more than happy to shift my attention to actual games. Stay tuned.