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And you Thought the QB Controversy Might End in 2009

And you thought the QB controversy was bad this year.

Enter Anthony Gonzalez.

No, not THAT Anthony Gonzalez.

THIS one.

Hard not to be intrigued about what he can do, if not impressed. He was wanted by Penn State, West Virginia, and Florida State among others. He's considered by most a dual-threat with the ability to pass and run well. Oh, and he can play defense, too.

Now, I don't know about you - but the first thing I thought of was Dorin Dickerson. It seems as if he's surely going to be given the chance to play QB at Pitt, but let's hope he doesn't get moved all over the place.

And about that QB controversy. Next year you've got Bostick, who still has two years of eligibility remaining assuming he redshirts this year. You've got Sunseri who will have three and was possibly the favorite to start. You've got Kolby Gray, who will have four. And now you've got Gonzalez, who will have four and might not redshirt if he can prove he can start right away. That's a HUGE if - especially given the number of options Pitt will have. But if he does, I can't imagine that all three of the other guys would stick around. You've got to think one of them would transfer.

Paul Zeise in his PG chat seems a bit confused as to what Wannstedt is doing. But I don't think you can not recruit this type of kid just because you have other options. You take the best players you can and try to find homes for everyone. It might not always work out, but there are too many variables - injuries, grades, guys not playing to their potential, etc. to simply not go after players at specific positions just because you may think that depth exists. I'm not at all saying this is what Paul meant, just pointing out that in general, you've got to take who you can get.

Here's a breakdown from (who ranks him as a four-star recruit) as well as some video if you've never seen him.