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Immediate Game Thoughts

Just got back from the game and wanted to post some of my immediate thoughts:

- Overall, solid performance by Pitt. Yes, it was against a 1-AA team, but for the most part they looked pretty good considering it was a first game.

- Dion Lewis was electric. Again - 1-AA team. But he looked good for a guy playing his first collegiate game. Graham came in the 2nd half a bit and I'm sure going in, the plan was to maybe get him more carries early on. But Lewis was playing so well, there was no point in switching it up.

- The defense looked good. However, there was more than one play where a defender got beat on pass coverage, but the pass was errant and resulted in an incompletion. There were also two plays where YSU converted what I think both were third downs (including one that was 3rd and 17) due to missed tackles. I'd like to see them tighten things up a bit, but all in all, played well.

- The kicking looked good...sense a theme here? Hutchins kicked a short field goal and converted all 5 extra points. However, his real value was punting where he excelled, averaging nearly 50 yards per punt. On the first one, the returner had to back up a good 10 yards or so because it was much deeper than expected. I'm also almost 99% sure I heard wrong, but it sounded like the announcer said "Dirty Dan Hutchins" after his first extra point. Someone please clarify if you heard differently, but I'm completely serious.

- Good to see the offense follow through on the promise of using more screen passes and the TE. Byham didn't get any balls, but Dorin Dickerson caught four passes and had a TD.

- What's that you're asking? What about the QBs? Well, that deserves a whole other post...