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News and Notes

No major stuff today -

Pitt landed a middle-of-the-road recruit today - safety Eric Williams from Pennsbury. Rivals has him as a three-star recruit, but he wasn't sought after by too many major schools - the best of the lot besides Pitt were Vanderbilt and Syracuse.

Running back Shariff Harris will dress after being suspended. With Lewis looking like the clear number one (at least after one week) and Ray Graham / Chris Burns likely getting carries this year, Harris' opportunities will likely be limited. He could also be a change of pace back according to Paul Zeise.

Next up is Buffalo and despite last year's scare, I need to 'see it to believe it' when I hear Pitt saying they're not looking past them. Sorry - not sure if I'm buying that. I obviously don't think they SHOULD be looking past them. I just want to see proof of it.

Also, for the first time in a while, I took a look at the Alumni Tracker (a great tool, by the way) on and wasn't quite aware there were so many former Panthers on teams or in camps this late in the game.