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Pitt Improves to 3-0

It's always a lot more fun to recap a win.

I'll get to media recaps later. For now, just some thoughts -

- Pitt somehow managed to fall two spots in the AP poll.

- The offense was incredibly impressive. Stull seems light years better than that opening game and played about as well as you could expect. He even had a nice deep ball to Baldwin, which was thrown fairly well. No, he didn't hit him in stride, but Baldwin didn't have to adjust all that much to the throw.

- I was surprised to hear some people in the stands and others online say that they were surprised Dion Lewis had a bit of a down game. I think he came into the game as the third leading rusher in the country and he's a freshman. He's not going to go over 100 yards every game.

- Can't say how great Dan Mason looked. He exploded off the ball and had two nice sacks. Gunn has played well so I'm not saying I'd start Mason above him, but it's nice to know that he looks like he can step in and play pretty well. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do as a probable starter next year and hope he gets more time on the field even when Gunn comes back.

- Not sure exactly what Wannstedt was doing putting Sunseri in a game that was fairly close at the time. Pitt was up by 17 at that point and it was only the third quarter. I hate to criticize the coach after an all around great game on both sides of the ball, but how can you tell your players not to let their foot off the pedal when you are as a coach? That was a mistake that Wannstedt quickly corrected in the next drive by bringing Stull back in. I understand the need to get Sunseri some experience (and protect your QB from injury), but he was in that game too early. Maybe there was some reasonable explanation that was in the media recaps. Above all, I hope it wasn't another miscommunication where Pitt accidentally sent the wrong QB in as they did in the first game.

- I don't know if the secondary problem will ever get fixed. It seemed like they played a bit tighter, but there were still a handful of times when receivers got open fairly deep and the QB simply couldn't make a good throw. So far, obviously, it hasn't hurt them. But if they don't get it fixed, a guy like Tony Pike at cincy could carve them up.

- "Sweet Caroline" needs to go. I can only imagine what the opposing teams and fans think of Pitt when they hear it at the stadium.