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A Perfect Game?

Yes, I know basketball talk is starting up. But I've got to stick with football for now.

First, Pitt is moving on up in the polls.

Pitt was indeed able to reach the elusive 7-1 start they haven't seen since 1982. Not sure what if anything Pitt's detractors can pick out of this game. Pitt played well offensively, defensively and on special teams, covering the kicks and making their field goals. Paul Zeise of the PG goes back to 2001 to find a comparable win.

Pitt's offense was unstoppable, scoring on their first five drives. But USF couldn't seem to get anything going. Their dynamic QB, B.J. Daniels, couldn't seem to get anything going.

Yes, USF shot themselves in the foot with some penalties, but Pitt steamrolled over them all day.

Bob Smizik and Ron Cook are both offering praise to Pitt. And in Cook's column, South Florida linebacker Kion Wilson makes a somewhat intriguing statement when discussing who was the more impressive team they've faced - Cincinnati or Pitt:
"I would take Pitt," Wilson said when asked how the two teams match up. "Because of Pitt's diversity. They can run the ball and take time off the clock. They can pound the ball and pound the ball, which really fatigues a defense. Then, they can throw it at will."

I'm not sure how much stock I'd place in that statement. Pitt had played a nearly perfect game and it just happened to be against South Florida. How often will Pitt play that well? I'll put it this way - I don't know if Pitt has played that well against a good team in recent memory. Let's see if they can repeat it.

And speaking of strong talk, Mick Williams has changed careers. Sure to be much to the chargrin of Dave Wannstedt, he's now in the guarantee-making business:
"We're happy with 7-1," Williams said, "but when we're 11-1, that will be good for us."

Reporter: "Does that mean you'll get to 11-1?"

Williams: "We will get to it."

Somebody please tell Mick that 3 of Pitt's 4 remaining games are against top 25 teams. The competition is only getting stiffer here on out and now, being ranked is only going to put a bigger bulls-eye on your back. Even if you believe that, I'm not sure if it needs to be said.

Personally, I think South Florida coach, Jim Leavitt, got it right:
"They just whooped us," South Florida coach Jim Leavitt said in describing the Panthers' 41-14 destruction of his team before a homecoming crowd of 50,019 at Heinz Field.

All-World defensive end, Greg Selvie, also got it right:
"This shouldn't be happening,'' said USF senior defensive end George Selvie, shell-shocked after watching the Bulls give up 486 yards to the Panthers. "We didn't put any pressure on Pittsburgh. They had their way.''

I honestly don't know if Bill Stull was even knocked down all day.

Looking ahead to bowl games, it's basically BCS or bust because of the crappy bowl situation the Big East is in. I will scream about this until I'm blue in the face. The Big East needs to fix their bowl problem. Now.

Some quick hitters to close it out:

Pitt's mascot turned 100 years old.

Brian Bennett at has plenty of praise for Pitt.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Baldwin forced Wannstedt to use the word sick as a slang term. has an interesting graphic up detailing USF's late season collapses.

And Bill Stull continues his best Dan Marino impersonation.

Dion Lewis' and Bill Stull's big days helped them to stay near the top of college football's best statistically.