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Dickerson Loses, Then Wins

Tight End Dorin Dickerson missed out on the Mackey Award as it went to Florida's Aaron Hernandez. Kind of difficult to argue despite the fact that Dickerson had six more TDs. Hernandez had 14 more catches and 200+ more yards.

I've also got to say I was a little surprised not to see Dickerson on Todd McShay's top five NFL prospects for TE, unless he's projecting him at another position or something (which I would find it hard to believe). NFL coaches have got to be excited about an athlete like Dickerson who really had one full year of playing TE after getting his feet wet last year, and almost being named named as the best in the nation. He's big, fast, and an athletic freak.

Even though he missed out on the Mackey Award, he rebounded to win All-America honors from the Football Writers Association of America. He was the first Pitt Tight End to win the award since Hall of Famer Mike Ditka.

The story's been overdone like a cheap steak at a buffet, but Dickerson's comeback after being grossly mishandled has been nothing short of remarkable. The fact that he wasn't even considered the best Tight End on his own team and that he wasn't even named to the Mackey Award watch list at the beginning of the season makes this year all the more improbable.