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Little Progress in the Polls

Pitt basketball's march into top 25 of the rankings could be a slow one. Pitt moved up only one spot in the AP poll into the #24 slot. And despite winning its only two games last week (Duquesne and New Hampshire), the team somehow didn't receive a single vote in the ESPN/USA Today poll. That might not be so astonishing if for the fact that they had eight points last week in that poll, good for #41. The only thing I can figure is that voters perhaps saw they struggled against Duquesne and had severe scoring issues in the first half of the New Hampshire game. Still, a little odd...even this early in the season.

If Pitt can get past a mediocre Indiana team tomorrow, they will have a shot at getting to 11-1 before they head into conference play. But that may still be a chore based on how far down they've started.

For bubble teams like Pitt, I'm fairly convinced that being ranked is a big deal to those deciding who gets into the big dance. The more national exposure and coverage, the better. This Pitt team may have a hard time getting in this year, and to me, that has to be the goal.