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Taking That Next Step

I was a little surprised at the beginning of the season to not see Dante Taylor starting. While it's true that it is difficult for most freshmen to step in and contribute, All-Americans are expected to make that transition better than others. After the first few games, it became evident why exactly he wasn't starting - he wasn't ready.

But a small nugget buried in a story about guys playing out of position seemed to hint that at some point this season, Taylor will probably assume the starting center spot:
Taylor has outplayed starting center Gary McGhee the past two games, and Dixon hinted there could be some lineup changes. "I don't anticipate us having the same lineup the entire season," Dixon said. "There could be some changes. Gary was playing well. He didn't play as well last game. Dante played better the last game. That was evident. I think between the two of them we've gotten good production."
McGhee has shown vast improvement over last year, but I think he may be maxing himself out.

Pitt is going to go through growing pains, but I'd start Taylor at this point. My lineup probably would be:

Gary McGhee - C
Dante Taylor - PF
Nasir Robinson - SF (Gilbert Brown when he gets back)
Ashton Gibbs - SG
Travon Woodall - PG

Dixon seems adamant about keeping Taylor at center for some reason, even in spite of Taylor openly saying he's more comfortable there:
One thing is certain. Dixon said there are no plans to move Taylor to power forward, where undersized sophomore Nasir Robinson is struggling. Dixon said power forward is the most difficult position to learn in Pitt's system and he doesn't want to burden Taylor with learning two spots. Taylor, however, would welcome the switch.

"If he asked me, I would love to go play power forward," Taylor said. "That's where I'm comfortable at. But right now I'm focusing on being the center and rebounding."
I understand people would be up in arms about Jermaine Dixon not starting, but this lineup would have several benefits:

1. Pitt would have some more size with both MGhee and Taylor playing at the same time. Dwight Miller is capable of playing backup center and you could also move Taylor there periodically and go with Robinson, Lamar Patterson, or Miller at PF. I know Dixon has said he doesn't want to have Taylor learning two positions, but this would only be in emergency scenarios (i.e. if both McGhee and Miller are in foul trouble).

2. Taylor, Robinson, and Brown would all be able to play their natural positions.

3. You could keep Gibbs at SG rather than move him to PG, which I think has been discussed when Brown comes back.

Yes, Dixon would have to back up Gibbs at SG, but Gibbs has shown enough in my opinion for him to keep his starting spot. If they move him to PG, his scoring will in all likelihood take a hit.

You might ask where Wanamaker would fit in. I'd see him as a utility player that could be rotated at SG, SF, or even limited time at PG now that he seems much more comfortable with the ball.

Woodall hasn't done enough to really warrant keeping the starting PG job as of late, but Pitt has few options there with Chase Adams struggling as well.

I think you'd see a much more comfortable Pitt team with this lineup.