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Aaron Gray Traded

Minor note here to most, but I thought it was worth at least a mention. Former Pitt center, Aaron Gray, was traded from the Bulls to the New Orleans Hornets.

This move will only benefit Gray, who has been a solid player when he's had time on the court. He couldn't get off the bench behind the Bulls' Joakim Noah and Brad Miller. He won't start in New Orleans who has former UCONN center Emeka Okafor, but he should be the backup center as, well, he's the only other center there. No, Sean Marks doesn't count.

I don't think Gray will ever be a star in the league, but he could develop into a double-double type of guy and maybe average around 10/10 somewhere down the line if he ever got a look at starting. People sometimes forget he's only 25.

Happy for him because a move like this will only be a good thing.