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Football News and Notes

Some miscellaneous football notes for the day:

Paul Zeise and the media had an unusally informative session with Dave Wannstedt today. Some of the things that came out of it - RB Shariff Harris plans to transfer, Phil Bennett possibly staying, and the tentative offensive line heading ito the Spring.

Also out of that session, and confirmed by ESPN's Joe Schad, was a good piece of news for Pitt fans - Greg Romeus will be returning for his senior season. That's not a huge surprise to me as I don't think it was ever confirmed he would be a high pick. Very welcome news considering Pitt is already losing Mick Williams to graduation.

More postseason Big East awards go to Pitt from and they also called Dan Mason next year's breakout defensive player.

And in incredibly late news, despite repeated trips to, I've just now noticed their satellite site, even though it was out since September.

And just in case you were wondering, Pitt has seven NFL players still in the playoffs.