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Out of Season Football Talk

Hadn't visited Brian Bennett's blog over at in a while and he had some interesting nuggets about Nate Byham playing in the East-West Shrine game, Pitt's Meineke Car Care Bowl ticket sales, and a brief look at returning starters on Big East teams.

The last topic is mildly interesting considering that Pitt has the fewest returning starters coming back next year, but is looked at as a favorite to win the title. Guess that's what two outstanding players can do for you.

Another story that's making it's way around again is the potential loss of Defensive Coordinator, Phil Bennett. This isn't the first time it's been discussed and DPJ over at the Cat Basket goes over the possibility again.

Unlike that earlier story from last year, it looks like Bennett has been mum on the subject as of late. His name is also resurfacing in a lot of message boards around the net, including this one.

Obviously it would be a bit of a blow, even if he's replaced by someone competent in-house, as is being rumored. The defense, with the exception of a few games such as the NC State (38 points) and Cincinnati (45 points) games this year and the Rutgers game last year (54 points), has been very good. Yes, the secondary wasn't so hot this year, but it got better as the season went on and injuries didn't help matters. I hope he sticks around, but the silence makes me expect otherwise.