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Star Recruit Gonzalez Injured

Pitt got a bit of bad news with the report of star football recruit Anthony Gonzalez apparently out for the season in basketball due to another injury:
Although best known for football, Gonzalez was an all-league and all-area basketball player last year. averaging 12.9 points and 10 rebounds.

The injury is not expected to impede his football career.

Pittsburgh head coach Dave Wannstedt and assisant Brian Angelichio, who recruited Gonzalez, were in Bethlehem on Wednesday night to see him and are satifisfied that the injury will not jeopardize anything.

"He's going to be fine; they were not concerned at all," said Jim Tkach, a Liberty football assistant who is close to the Pitt coaches because his son, Tyler, is a member of the Panthers' program. "He should be able to recover in time to play in the Big 33 game in June. Anthony's a great kid. This is a tough thing for him, I'm sure, but he'll bounce back."
As the article points out, it's not the same knee he previously injured, but it's this is a fairly serious one.

It's a shame to see his basketball career likely end, but hopefully he can recover quickly and completely.