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Things That Make Little To No Sense

Plenty of things make little to no sense. You know, the BCS, republicans and democrats, skinny jeans, twitter...the Big East apparently looking into a conference championship.

Now, it's not the conference championship part that's so strange. From a competitive standpoint, I don't particularly agree with adding yet another difficult game to a schedule. In my opinion, that just potentially sabotages a good team from reaching a national championship game, where you can possibly run into the same team twice in a given year ala the ACC. But that's another issue for another time.

No, the reason this particular scenario is so odd is because, according to this article, they would apparently reach out oto the Mountain West Conference to play a joint championship game.

Somehow along the line, I missed how this would actually benefit the Big East.

Apparently, the Big East is afraid of losing its automatic bid with a Big Ten heist and feels it needs to send a preemptive strike of sorts, figuring that a shared bid is better than no bid. But in that case, the Big East needs to focus on other things to solve the football/basketball issue they have, rather than sharing its BCS bid. Those things have been discussed ad nauseum, but in case you've not seen/heard them, in the event of a Big Ten purge of football teams, the most common ones I've seen are:

1. Get Villanova's successful I-AA football program to move to to I-A;

2. Force Notre Dame football to be in or out;

3. Since an exit by one or more teams would remove some basketball members, the Big East could then reach out to teams like Central Florida or Memphis; and/or

4. Reach out to a team like Temple (yeah, I know it was kind of a messy breakup) or another team that may join the football league, but keep playing basketball in another league.

If a Big Ten defection or defections is/are expected, these moves make infinite more sense to me than tryng to share a BCS bid. The article discusses this being potentially a one-year idea, but why open the door? Say the MWC beats the Big East - good luck to the Big East in trying to explain why they deserve to continue receiving a bid.