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A #3 It Is

I really thought Pitt deserved a 3-seed, but wasn't sure they would actually get it. As I said before, I think Pitt is the only team to defeat three top five teams. They had not only a bunch of good wins, they had multiple great ones. Looking at the bracket, it's hard to complain. They missed out on playing in Providence where they may have had a few more fans as that's Big East territory, but the driving distances to Providence and Milwaukee from Pittsburgh are about the same.

The draw they got was pretty favorable for the first two rounds. Pitt should defeat Oakland and while Xavier is not a gimme game, they are a bit down from last year's team.

Even the bracket after that isn't terrible. Facing BYU in Utah would be tough, but out of the two seeds, I think they got the best draw against, what I think, is a somewhat overrated Kansas State team.

All in all, Pitt fans should have no beef with this draw.