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Dusting off Women's Basketball

After a really down season, which saw the women's team go 16-15 with a first-round NIT loss, things have been gotten a bit strange. Not so much with losing as assistant head coach in Jeff Williams, who took the head job at LaSalle. Things like that happen all the time.

But three players have now left the team since the end of the season, leaving Pitt with only eight players on their current roster. Further, six of those eight are going to be seniors next year, leaving them with only two current players that will still be around in the 2011 season.

All three that left (Pepper Wilson, Kate Popovec, and Sarah Ogoke) were sophomores and they were head coach Agnus Berenato's entire 2008 recruiting class. You have to wonder what the circumstances were and as of now, I've not seen any reasons given for the departures. The student newspaper, The Pitt news tried to reach Coach Berenato, with no luck.

Pitt started off 12-2 to begin the season, but then closed it out with a 5-13 stretch.

Not to mention, all this is on the heels of Pitt reporting that money was lost from hosting NCAA Tournament games this year.