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Spring Football Notes

A few Spring football bits and pieces coming out over the past few days:

The time for Dan Mason, Chris Jacobson, and Mike Cruz is now.

Speaking of Jacobson, he's going to be one of three new starters on the line. One of Pitt's biggest challenges this season will be having a new quarterback behind a retooled line.

And with Mason poised to start, once-prized recruit Shayne Hale, who was a potential MLB, is making the move to DE.

Meanwhile, running backs coach David Walker tries in vain to convince us that there is a chance for some competition going on for the starting back job:
"We all know Dion had a lot of success last season. We know he did a great job," said Pitt running backs coach David Walker. "But Ray Graham's trying to win a job. Jason Douglas is trying to win the starting tailback job. Chris Burns is trying to win the starting tailback job. So, those guys are working hard, and they're not going to concede anything to Dion."
Okie dokie. Hard to believe that even Ray Graham, who has shown flashes of brilliance, will even take a significant number of carries from Lewis, who is still bringing home awards based on last year's performance.