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Bowl Notes

Looks like the SEC and Big East have extended their affiliation with the bowl for another four years.

And Brian Bennett over at has the full Big East bowl lineup.

I remain thoroughly unimpressed with the Big East's bowl games and the league has a lot of work to do in that respect. The Big East is now without a New Year's Day bowl and the conference's best non-BCS bowl is now The Champs Sports bowl. That game will include a matchup of the Big East #2 team (or Notre Dame) vs. the ACC's third team. Nothing spectacular and I'm certainly not buying the spin the Big East is putting on this in Bennett's article above:
"We think it's the best bowl lineup we've ever had in the history of this conference," Carparelli said.
I would argue that the Gator Bowl, as a New Year's Day bowl, is a better bowl than the Champs Bowl - thus, the bowl lineup was better last year.