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Herb Pope Has Another Setback

The excellent Big East basketball blog,, is reporting that former Pitt recruit Herb Pope has landed in the hospital:
Seton Hall forward Herb Pope was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital in New Jersey after collapsing on campus Wednesday afternoon.

A team source who was with Pope at the hospital said he was uncertain what triggered the collapse.

"A student-athlete has been taken to the hospital," a university spokesman confirmed to
Complete cause is unknown, but Adam has some more information in the story. Just another setback for a tremendous local athlete. Here's hoping he's better soon and it's not serious. It's amazing what this guy's been through and even Pitt fans who weren't happy with his decision to back out of his commitment to the school have to be pulling for him to at least be healthy.

He was planning to test the NBA waters, but not sure if this will cause a setback in that plan.