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I Lied - One More Note On Dixon

So this morning on the Vinnie and Cook show on 93.7 FM, Vinnie finally asked the tough question - DID JAMIE DIXON MEET WITH OREGON?

As expected, I figured he did and Dixon did nothing to suggest otherwise. He only answered by saying that he won't comment on that, which clearly has to suggest that he did. If he hadn't, there's no reason at this point to say he didn't. He's got a new extension and will not be leaving this year. Mix in the fact that several outlets had reported that he had met with them and it seems like a no-brainer to me. Whatever the reason...genuine interest, looking for more money from Pitt, etc., it's pretty clear to me that a meeting did take place.

Dixon then had yet another awkward moment, ending the interview early, immediately after that question by saying he was in traffic, approaching an accident, and had to pull off the road. Now, I'm not saying that's not possible. But it certainly is a bit odd considering that it occured immediately after the first tough question he received.

What this tells me is that Dixon is at least passively listening to offers and would consider leaving Pitt. I think we all basically knew that before, but these last couple of days have really confirmed it. My stance is still that it will take a 'dream job' scenario for him to leave and I expect him to be around for a while. I'm not personally irked at him, but I think he's turned off at least a few of his supporters to a small degree.

And just as I ripped the local radio shows for not asking anything tough yesterday, I really applaud the Vinnie and Cook show. They really don't back down from the tough questions and I'm quickly becoming a fan. Well done, guys.