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One More Loss

Going back to my recent post about the Big East talent exodus of 2010, add one more name to the list - Rutgers star Mike Rosario, who has been granted a release in the midst of all the Fred Hill stuff.

I've got to admit that when I saw the whole scuffle he had with Pitt's baseball coach, I didn't think the trickle down would go this far.

Rosario is the latest star to go in the Big East. What's worse for Rutgers, it continues a disturbing trend of recent recruits leaving the school. Earlier this year, it lost star center/PF Greg Echenique to a transfer to Creighton, last week it lost forward Patrick Jackson, and in 2009 it lost guard Earl Pettis and forward Christian Morris.

Wow, even Agnus Berenato thinks their team is losing too many players.