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Bye-Bye to the Double Bye

This was rumored for a while, but apparently, Big East basketball coaches have abandoned the idea of the double bye. There were a lot of complaints about this after some first-round upsets.

Personally, I think you're going to have upsets no matter what. Some of the higher seeds won't have as much to play for while a lower-seeded team may be scrapping just to get into the NCAAs. To me, the whole idea of all 16 teams getting in is a bit much. A team that flops throughout the regular season should have no shot at postseason play. In weaker conferences where only one team gets into the NCAA tournament, I could at least listen to the argument of including everyone. But conferences like the Big East that get numerous bids don't need to reward every single team with a conference tournament berth.

Only college basketball coaches could complain about getting too many automatic byes.