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Catching up with Bill Stull and Aaron Berry

Bill Stull is taking all the snaps in the Chiefs rookie mini-camp. Not so much because he's highly regarded, but, well, because he's the only QB there.

In a Q&A on the Chiefs' site, coach Todd Haley thinks a few tryout players might be signed:
Q: When it comes to tryout guys, is there any chance you might sign any of them?

HALEY: "I would say there is a chance. Maybe a couple, three maybe?"
But at least one Chiefs blogger doesn't think one of those players will be Stull.

Meanwhile, Aaron Berry appears to making at least small waves in Detroit. On the very first day of camp, he picked off two passes and really impressed his head coach, Jim Schwartz:
"He's got really good foot quickness. He's a two-time All-Big East player. There were some corners that were drafted that were only one time there," Schwartz said of Berry. "He's got good credentials. He's played in a NFL defensive scheme at Pittsburgh. Dave Wannstedt there runs a very similar scheme that he ran with the Cowboys and the Dolphins, so he's been well trained and he's been well schooled. He's quick. He's not very big (5-10, 180), but he plays without fear, so to speak. He did a nice job today."
But he's also been bit by the injury bug - something that can definitely hurt when you're trying to make an impression as an undrafted rookie. Although, from the sound of it, it appears to not be serious:
"We had about three or four guys that didn’t practice, and it was all sort of being cautious," Schwartz said.
Here's one site that thinks he could make the team and also see some time as a punt returner.