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Catching up with Dorin Dickerson

So the drafting of Dorin Dickerson (along with other tight ends on the roster) already has some folks thinking current Titans tight end, Owen Daniels, may be in danger of losing a job. I don't see it that way even with his injury last year - especially with the type of numbers Daniels puts up. He's one of the best receiving tight ends in the league hands down. And speaking of that tight end position, the Texans are stocking up there, which could mean a move for Dickerson. He wasn't even the only tight end they took in the draft. Many sources, including this Houston Chronicle article, have quoted that Dickerson is bound to be moved to wide receiver.

Anyway, Fox Sports seems puzzled by Dickerson and Houston's entire draft.

And recently, a few people here locally had wondered why the Steelers didn't take a chance on Dickerson since he slipped so far. Jerry Micco gives a brief explanation in one of his PG chats:
The Steelers were not a good fit for Dickerson. He's a tweener WR/TE and they need a blocking TE. Byham might have been a better choice for them as far as Pitt TEs go. I was surprised by Dickerson's fall, but I think his size and being a tweener hurt him in a draft that was fairly deep. Still, he has a chance in Houston let's see what he makes of it.
And while I think Dickerson can be good, I think calling him potentially the best athlete in the draft is, well, nonsense.

Also, here's another Bleacher Report list that ranks Dickerson #89 out of all the rookies. But they also claim his only asset is his speed. You're right, his hands had nothing to do with the dozen or so TD passes he caught last year.

Meanwhile, a writer for a slightly more reputable source, is high on Dickerson, calling him his favorite pick in the Texans draft:
Favorite pick: TE Dorin Dickerson, Round Seven. I hear they are going to make him into a big receiver. I think the kid will make it. They have a ton of tight ends anyway and could use a sturdy backup to Andre Johnson. Every time I looked up at Senior Bowl practices, this guy was making a nice catch. He could be a good catch so late for the Texans.
Finally, one Houston Chronicle writer doesn't see Dickerson playing a big role this year.

Lots of varied opinions. Personally, I think to get Dickerson that late was a steal. Not sure what type of pro he'll turn into, but he's an above-average athlete and should be able to play somewhere, whether it's halfback, tight end, or wide receiver.