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Football Notes

Tino Sunseri gets a nice piece on Rivals. For whatever reason, I really like this kid's attitude. I think he's obviously got it right when he points to the offensive line as the key to Pitt's success:
"I don't know if so much depends on me," Tino said. "It's about our team as a whole. The offensive line is a huge part. They have to open lanes for Dion and provide protection for me so Jonathan and our other receivers can run downfield. If it happens that we lose containment, I need to make plays on my feet to extend the play and make a throw downfield. We just have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best on every play."
And we've heard this before, but his dad says he's a tough kid:
"He has the toughness of a linebacker playing quarterback," Sal said. "He understands the toughness of the game, mentally and physically. He understands the importance of taking care of the football and managing the game. He understands that sometimes you're going to get hit and you've got to get up. He doesn't mind blocking, either."

There was a time when Sal thought his oldest son would be blocking all the time.

"When he was little, he was thicker, and I thought he'd be an offensive lineman," Sal said.
And I love what his dad says about if Pitt and Alabama found themselves lining up against each other: If the Panthers and Tide met, the only protection Tino would get from blitzing linebackers would come from Pitt's offensive line.

"You always have love for your child," Sal Sunseri said. "But if that would ever happen, he'd better be prepared."
Gotta love it.

Brian Bennett of is now up to the running back rankings and it should be surprise to anyone that Pitt is #1:
1. Pittsburgh: The Panthers have the Big East's offensive player of the year returning in Dion Lewis, who rushed for 1,799 yards and 17 scores a year ago. Backup Ray Graham, who averaged 5.7 yards per carry, could start for most teams. Henry Hynoski should be the best fullback in the league this year. That's enough to merit the No. 1 spot here.
Heck, when you factor in Graham and to a lesser degree, Hynoski, Pitt may not only be #1 in the Big East, but #1 in the country.

Brian also picks out some key rivalries for Big East members that need to start up again. Of course Pitt/Penn State heads this list.

And on the pro side of things, former Pitt cornerback Darrelle Revis is looking to be the NFL's highest-paid player at his position. Revis is refuting reports that he's asking for $20 million per season:
"I don't know where the $20 million came from," Revis said. "I never told you guys that. Don't know who brought that up but I'm sure it is not going to be up in that area. That's insane. That would be great. Who wouldn't want $20 million? But that is a high price."
I don't know if any corner is worth that.