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Todd Thomas Arrives

Highly-regarded prep star Todd Thomas has officially made it onto campus after finally qualifying academically. Despite the fact that Pitt could probably use him in a questionable secondary, he seems to think that he's headed towards the offensive side of the ball:
Thomas gets the feeling that coach Dave Wannstedt and his offensive coaches prefer that he play wide receiver. So that’s where he’ll likely start out as a freshman.

Advertisement But if it were Thomas’ choice, he’ll play safety. That was his position at Milford.

"(The Pitt coaches) want me to play receiver. But I want to play safety," said Thomas, who played linebacker, safety, running and wide receiver during his scholastic career at Beaver Falls.
I'm kind of torn as to where I'd like to see him play, but if I had to pick, it would probably be defense. Pitt will be fine at wide receiver for at least this next year and the already questionable secondary lost Aaron Berry to graduation this year. I would have liked to see them add another quality player back there.

Plus, I like the fact that he enjoys playing defense:
"I just love using my athleticism to run around and make plays," said Thomas, who’s 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds. "I’m more of an animal on defense. I’m more menacing on the defensive side of the ball. I just think that’s the position that fits me best. That’s just how I feel."

Last year while playing safety at Milford, Thomas intercepted four passes and was named the Falcons’ most valuable defensive player.
But then again, if Baldwin leaves next year, they will need another big-play wideout. So it's hard to complain too loudly about this move.

Wherever he ends up, though, I'm sure I speak for most Pitt fans when I say I hope it doesn't turn into a Dorin Dickerson situation.