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Women's Basketball Program Update

Even though women's basketball may not be the hottest topic out there, I'd been waiting for a story on what's transpired over the past several months. The program seemingly has been in disarray with two assistant coaches leaving and the transfer of three players, which made up the entire sophomore class.

The Post-Gazette came out with a pretty thorough piece about everything that's transpired.

We know that Jeff Williams left to become a head coach, so that's understandable. Yolett McPhee McCuin the other assistant left to become an assistant. When it was first announced, it appeared to be a lateral move at a lesser school. However, the article points out that she left for more money and a promotion from 3rd assistant to 2nd assistant. Not a huge jumpg, but at least understandable.

Regarding the three transfers:

- Pepper Wilson transferred for personal reasons
- Kate Popovec transferred for more playing time
- Sarah Ogoke transferred to be closer to home and for more playing time

At least those reasons are somewhat reasonable and don't necessarily point to a major clash with the coach.

When you look at the fact that the team hasn't lost any of its starters from last year, they have four incoming freshmen, and were able to attract a former WNBA coach, things don't seem to be as bad as perhaps they first appeared.