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Catching up with Dorin Dickerson

So it seems that Dorin's new position is indeed wide receiver and he's officially gotten his first instructions.  Lose weight:
The transition hasn't been easy. Dickerson has been eating salads to shave 8-10 pounds off his 6-foot-2, 230-pound frame. Lunching on lettuce after sweating through hours of practice in the Houston heat and humidity has been difficult, but he's sticking to it to reach his goal.
Coach Gary Kubiak said the weight loss is necessary to increase his stamina so he can compete with Houston's other receivers.
"His conditioning level is not good enough to play at our level right now," Kubiak said. "I don't think that's his fault. We're trying to catch him up. He's got to lose about 10 pounds and just get to where he can run all day."
Even though this is Dorin's fourth position in five years, somehow I don't think he'll have a problem with this one if it keeps him in the NFL.  And about that draft snub?  Yeah, that's not forgotten:
"I was supposed to go pretty high in the draft and I ended up not," he said. "So that's life. But I still want to prove something. I have a chip on my shoulder now and I want to show everybody I wasn't a seventh-round pick and hopefully help this team win."
Head coach Gary Kubiak is offering him probably the best advice he can at this point:
On Dorin Dickerson: "He's played a little bit of everything. He's a project but he'll be a wide receiver. We told him to just follow Andre Johnson around and do what he does."
And even with nine wide receivers in camp, the Texans are still sniffing around for potential free agents.  Those nine wideouts include veterans Andre Johnson, Andre Davis, and Kevin Walter.  Throw in TE Owen Daniels and with the position change, it's hard to envision Dickerson playing anything but the most minor of roles in his first season.  But he's a freak athlete and could turn into something down the line.

Dickerson is not yet signed, but then again, not many rookies are.