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More On Moore

With the news that J.J. Moore has academically qualified, he's already looking to make an impact this season:

Of the incoming freshmen, Moore is the player who has the best chance of cracking a rotation that has seven of the top eight scorers from last season returning. He is looking forward to the opportunity of living up to his advanced billing.
"I'm just going to show them that I am a top 10 player," Moore said Monday night. "I never in my life would have dreamed that I would be top 10 material. Now I'm just going to show them that I've gone up to that level."
And the similarities between he and Gilbert Brown have officially begun:

Moore and Brown share a lot in common. They both attended South Kent Prep and play similar games.
"It's a big opportunity for me to learn from him," Moore said. "A lot of people say we play alike. We have the same athletic body and same athletic skills. I can look at him and see how he plays with his past experience here."
So does that mean that he'll score 22 in his debut followed by 3 in the next game?  All kidding aside, while Pitt could be relying on Moore a bit this year, it's hard to tell just how many minutes he'll be playing.  Part of that might be dependent on how much 6'5" guard/forward Lamar Patterson can contribute.
And since Moore has been able to enroll early, he's participating in the famed Greentree summer league this year.  He made his debut last night scoring 13 points - more on the league games a bit later.