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Basketball Notes 7/13

The Panthers are excited and gearing up for their trip to Ireland. J.J. Richardson sees big things for Pitt and credits the Summer League and this trip as reasons for his optimism:
"Not many teams get the chance to have an organized practice during the summertime," he said. "This is helping us get closer. Last year, we were all still getting used to each other because we were young. This year, with us in the summer league and going over to Ireland, we’re going to be real good."
I think he's got a point. Not only does the Greentree Summer League allow them to practice with some teammates, they're also going against other D-1 players. Now, with the opportunity to go overseas and play others will give them some good game experience.

Speaking of that Summer League, Ashton Gibbs led the way during Monday's games with 30 points / 7 rebounds / 6 assists. Dante Taylor continued his strong play going for 19/13 and J.J. Moore keeps scoring (22). Taylor's consistency has been pretty good. He's got to be close to a 20/10 average during these games. As of my last analysis in the beginning of July, he was at 15.5 and 8.5.

A few more quick hitters:

The NCAA Tournament format including the four newly added teams has been released.

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