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Chris McKillop The Coach

Former Pitt player Chris McKillop isn't playing in the NFL, but he's taking his chances as a coach at Duquesne.  He took some cracks at professional football, but nothing worked out:
McKillop started for three years at Pitt and was invited to the New York Jets' rookie minicamp in May 2008. Later, he had tryouts with the Chicago Rush and Columbus Destroyers of the Arena Football League, but the league canceled its 2009 season.
I'm a little surprised he's apparently given up on the dream of playing professional at such a young age (25).  Especially since it seems he got a few looks by teams. 

The worst part is probably dealing with the man who is essentially going to be one of his bosses:
McKillop will work closely with defensive coordinator Dave Opfar, a former defensive lineman at Penn State. McKillop said Opfar showed a lot of faith in him during spring drills.
No job is perfect, I guess.  Opfar just took his job himself.

Just less than two years ago, he was still chasing the dream (must be an Insider to read).  But it's tougher to make it than most of us will ever know and if you really enjoy the game, you'll do anything you can to be a part of it.