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Clearing Basketball Links

"All the exposure and media attention, it really helped us get a feel (for) what it’s going to be when this season starts," said swingman Gilbert Brown. "If they expect you to win, you have to exceed expectations. If they expect you to lose, you have to prove that you’re worthy.
"The expectation to win is (like) what we’ve had when we were No. 1 in the country."
Before the season kicks off, however, Pitt has that much-discussed trip to Ireland first.  The freshman have been preparing by jumping right into things with summer practices, not backing down from the veterans:
According to some of the team's veterans, Wright and Moore didn't take long to get acclimated to the environment of Pitt's practices.
"From the first day, you could see that both freshmen were pretty physical themselves," senior guard Brad Wanamaker said. "Especially Cameron: he's a very physical two-guard. He's always tough on me."
One such practice, this Friday morning, was open to the media.  Not surprisingly, it was a little bit different than the closed-door sessions:
While Pitt practices are legendary for their intensity, this one was toned down as far as bodies -- and language -- flying.
"It wasn't as physical as we usually practice," senior guard Brad Wanamaker said, "when there's no one around."
Part of the reason the media was allowed in (I'm guessing) was because of Pitt's announced partnership with 93.7 FM The Fan that day.  The station broadcasted some shows directly from the facility and the hosts commented about the practice as it occurred.

Finally onto the pro ranks, DeJuan Blair will apparently get more time at power forward this season (video) for the Spurs.