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Dorin Dickerson Follows Byham's Lead

Former Pitt Tight End Dorin Dickerson has followed Nate Byham's lead and has signed a four-year deal with his team - the Houston Texans.

After a monster season, Dickerson slipped into the seventh round.  His deal is believed to be worth approximately $1.85 million over the length of the contract.

Like many rookies, Dickerson is expected to contribute first on special teams:

Kubiak expects Dickerson to contribute on special teams before cracking into the rotation at receiver.
"He's got to prove that he can help us out there. If he was a fifth receiver on game day or a sixth, you can suit six guys if they're all playing special teams. I think that's his number one priority, doing it for (special teams coach) Joe (Marciano) right now."
Dickerson by all accounts is doing okay so far.  Still, the speed of the game is what you usually hear first when rookies talk about the biggest hurdle - Dickerson is no different:

"It gets overwhelming when you're in the huddle and they say the play so fast," Dickerson said. "You've got to think a lot faster and react a lot faster."
For someone who's had to adjust so much, I have a hard time believing he won't make it in the NFL.