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Fan Deal Confirmed

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This morning, Pitt announced its new radio deal with 93.7 FM The Fan to broadcast football and men's basketball games.  This has been long reported by the Post-Gazette's Bob Smizik and the deal is finally confirmed.

Pitt has also confirmed via a subscriber email that the women's games will be heard on WJAS-AM.  Additionally, Dave Wannstedt and Jamie Dixon will have shows on 93.7 FM The Fan while Agnus Berenato will have a show on WJAS.

Dick Groat, Bill Hillgrove, and Curtis Aiken are all expected to return.

EDIT: Also, forgot to mention Bill Fralic (and I'm sure maybe a few others) - he should be back as well.  Also, on The Fan now, they're saying there should be a lot of ancilliary programming as well.

EDIT #2: For more analysis on the move, check out my recent article on SB Nation Pittsburgh.