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Fan Deal Confirmed

This morning, Pitt announced its new radio deal with 93.7 FM The Fan to broadcast football and men's basketball games.  This has been long reported by the Post-Gazette's Bob Smizik and the deal is finally confirmed.

Pitt has also confirmed via a subscriber email that the women's games will be heard on WJAS-AM.  Additionally, Dave Wannstedt and Jamie Dixon will have shows on 93.7 FM The Fan while Agnus Berenato will have a show on WJAS.

Dick Groat, Bill Hillgrove, and Curtis Aiken are all expected to return.

EDIT: Also, forgot to mention Bill Fralic (and I'm sure maybe a few others) - he should be back as well.  Also, on The Fan now, they're saying there should be a lot of ancilliary programming as well.

EDIT #2: For more analysis on the move, check out my recent article on SB Nation Pittsburgh.